water based screen printing

Our standard water based inks produce a super-soft, breathable print with unmatched comfort and durability. They will never crack or peel, because they are dyed directly into the fabric–they color the fabric instead of trying to cover it. As you can see above the plastisol ink on the left is sitting on top of the shirt while the water based ink on the right is embedded in the fabric.

These inks are capable of printing bold vibrant color and delicate details. The semi-transparent nature of this ink can be creatively utilized for “tone on tone” prints, and on heather fabric for an authentic vintage look.

Our water based inks are comprised of 100% biodegradable pigment suspended in a water base. As the print cures, the water in the ink evaporates; leaving the pigment behind.

They perform best on 100% cotton light fabric colors. We print dark fabrics with water based discharge ink. Discharge ink is simply water based ink with an additional additive that discharges the dark color of the garment and replaces it with your selected ink color. While performance of water based ink is best on 100% cotton, some amazing results can be achieved on blends.

Superior quality and comfort make Standard Water Based Ink essential to retail clients.