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We'd love to sell our shirts online but...

There are so many completely valid excuses that could finish that sentence. Box and business owners wear many hats. Adding "ecommerce retailer" to that list isn't appealing and often isn't even possible. In addition to providing you with high quality, unbelievably soft custom shirts, Boxmade will also handle online sales and shipping of your merchandise!

We've made the process very simple for you. Order a minimum quantity of shirts and let us keep some to sell for you online. We'll create a great looking product card for your shirt and provide you with a simple snippet of code for your webmaster to drop into your website. If your shirts create a sales frenzy, great! We'll cut you a check at the end of the month for your commission and if you want to keep the train rolling we can replenish your stock and keep your store open. If you don't sell as many as expected that's okay too. You already bought the shirts wholesale so we'll simply ship you what's left after the agreed upon sales period. 

The entire checkout process happens on your site but is processed on the back-end by Boxmade. We receive the order information and pack and ship your item. Any shipping inquiries, exchanges or returns are handled by Boxmade leaving you to run your business. The process is very straight forward. Just let us know you're interested in this option when you place your order and we can get into all the details.