Finishing Details


Printed Neck Labels

No one wants the itchy-scratchy tag grinding up against their neck like sandpaper during a workout. Tag removal and custom printed neck labels are how we solve this problem. All shirts printed by Boxmade will have hang tags removed and printed labels like those at left applied. For an additional cost we can even customize your neck labels to your specific brand. Order 144 shirts and we'll provide that service for free! In addition to the comfort, custom screen printed tags are a great way to set your box or brand apart. It shows your customers you've gone the extra mile to provide the highest quality product!

Hem Tags

If hang tags are your thing or you want to add another level of refinement to your garment a woven tags is a great custom addition. Sewing a hem tag on the bottom seam or the sleeve of the shirt or hoodie adds a nice touch and sets your brand even further apart. 



Bag & Tag

Folding and polybagging your items will keep your shirts organized and clean. If you're shipping shirts out regularly, bagging them helps protect them during shipping and ensures your customers receive clean and folded merchandise. The care put into folding and bagging leaves a strong first impression with your customers and is essential if your shirts are carried by retailers.